INDUSTRY: Aerospace, Electronics, Manufacturing
The aerospace industry is an important the research, development, and manufacture of flight vehicles
Consulted with Airborn's global marketing team to create a sub-brand family of logotypes and logomarks for new open-pin high-reliability connectors. The connectors are installed in space satellites, computer servers, military equipment, health care machines, oil rigs, and military aircraft.
The dot-matrix design represents, quite literally, the type of configuration that makes this connector unique and is a concept well understood and intuitively identifiable by within the industry.
We worked together to prepare their sales teams for major conventions such as CES (Consumer Electronics Show) with trade show booth design and show-targeted marketing materials. 
In addition to the verSI branding services, we collaborated over several years in which we developed additional logos for new products, redesigned the Airborn logo for use on micro-pin connectors, created sales team one-sheets, and produced videos for trade shows and online commercials. 
verSI HD
In collaboration with the global marketing team and product engineers, we created them to mimic each connector's unique pin structure and features, while maintaining the integrity of the brand family we already established. 
After receiving positive buzz around the verSI and verSI HD logos from clients and competitors, we created logos for the following additional products.

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