Web commercial for Verizon Wireless showcasing the HTC One M8 for Windows cell phone.
Mission: To create a distinct vision and explore creative boundaries within an established Verizon Wireless web commercial template. I oversaw casting, locations, digital graphic creation and managment. 
Production team included the Verizon Wireless account Creative Director and Producer, Copywriter, Storyboard Artist, Editor and Digital Assets team. 
Mood/Style Board/
First deliverable to producer and client is a mood board, showing style of location and lead actor we're searching for. 
Shot List, Highlighted Features/
Created a list of highlighted features based on client requests per their marketing needs. 
Created a shot list. The storyboard artist follows the shot list and the mood board styles.
Collaborated with the storyboard artist, starting with my shot list. 
Received several rounds of feedback from client, updating boards according to client feedback considerations.
Touch Screens
Created a touch screen map for each feature that were loaded onto the sample phone.
Since the screen was shot blank and/or with these screens, these guided the actor through the faux navigation, ensuring placement accuracy in post production.
Camera Features
We shot some photos of the eiffel tower trinket that will represent the one the actor looks like he's taking in the video.
This will feature the phone's camera features.

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